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Ablegrid Branded Compatible Battery for Makita 10.8V BL1013 TD090D TD090DW LCT203W Li-ion  33
US$ 39.74  US$ 26.72
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US$ 30.08  US$ 23.14
 (2 reviews)
New 18V 6.0A 6000mAh Lithium Ion Electric Tool Battery for Makita BL1860 BL-1860  30
US$ 99.99  US$ 69.99
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Brand New OEM quality compatible replacement battery for  Milwaukee M18 battery M18 3.0A  37
US$ 99.90  US$ 62.75
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Brand New OEM quality compatible replacement battery for  Milwaukee M18 battery M18 4.0A  43
US$ 121.02  US$ 69.10
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4500mAh Li-Ion Rechargable Replacement Battery for Makita BL1830 BL1815 battery  29
US$ 89.00  US$ 62.79
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18V 3.0A Lithium Ion battery for Makita BL1830  35
US$ 75.79  US$ 49.00
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Compatible Lithium-Ion Battery for Milwaukee 48-11-2402 M12 XC Lithium-Ion Cordless Tool Battery  51
US$ 89.32  US$ 43.48
 (4 reviews)
ABLEGRID Brand Battery For Makita BL1430 Power Tool BHP440RFE BDF440RFE BTW250RFE BTD133RFE with Indicator  23
US$ 72.09  US$ 55.46
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New 3-Piece Series Hard Case For Verizon AT&T Apple iPhone 4  67
US$ 5.99  US$ 1.99
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Waterproof 5M 5050 SMD 300LED Cool White Flexible Strip Car Light 12V PCB  43
US$ 35.00  US$ 19.99
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360 Rotating Magnetic Leather Case Smart Cover Stand for New iPad 3/iPad 2  White  70
US$ 19.99  US$ 5.99
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Do magnetic bracelets work?

"I can't tell you how much magnetic bracelets have helped my frozen shoulder. When I wear one, I am virtually free of pain; leave it off for a while and it begins to ache,......" -S.Betty, IL (Jan 19, 2008) Remark: Individual reaction may vary.

Study Finds:

Magnetic Bracelets Reduce The Pain Of Osteoarthritis Click here

Titanium Magnetic Bracelet Jewelry Information

Titanium is a highly corrosion resistant lightweight metal that is approximately 45% lighter but tougher than stainless steel. It is one of the major materials used in modern military and commercial aircraft, spacecrafts as well as numerous other industrial, chemical and medical applications. In recent years, titanium also finds its way into daily fashion jewelry owing to its outstanding properties of lightweight, toughness, workability, corrosion resistance, chemical inactiveness, and biological compatibility with the human body. Our titanium magnetic bracelets not only take full advantage of all the above attributes, but are equipped with an added attribute - magnetic magic, by implanting a magnet in every link of the titanium bracelets, making them not only a fashion jewelry item but also a most convenient health improvement or therapeutic device. This invention has turned magnetic titanium bracelets into one of the most popular daily jewelry items of today. They also make the most caring, thoughtful, useful, meaningful and yet affordable gift items for all occasions, whether they be birthday, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Valentine's Day, Christmas, New Year's Day, family parties, community parties, corporate parties or just a special sweetener for that special someone.
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