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  • In the fall of 2001, Buybuydirect Inc.USA recognized the potential of selling hip-hop fashion accessories through the internet. While there will always be traditional shoppers walking through retail doors, a significant number of consumers also desire good quality merchandise with best price, but abhor the mall and other middle-man experience.Buybuydirect Inc. direct open a retail website based in New York. That is where LinkedNew.com comes in. The New York Manhattan-based company brought the physical fashion retail stores to the consumer via the Internet, providing the same products found in traditional retail stores at wholesale discounts or direct import price. LinkedNew.com has established partnerships with many leading fashion accessories companies in new york manhattan broadway, Due to these relationships and also direct importer in fashion accessories, we are able to buy hip-hop fashion products at significant discounts, which then allows us to pass these incredible savings on to you, our customers.
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"I can't tell you how much magnetic bracelets have helped my frozen shoulder. When I wear one, I am virtually free of pain; leave it off for a while and it begins to ache,......" -S.Betty, IL (Jan 19, 2008) Remark: Individual reaction may vary.

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Titanium Magnetic Bracelet Jewelry Information

Titanium is a highly corrosion resistant lightweight metal that is approximately 45% lighter but tougher than stainless steel. It is one of the major materials used in modern military and commercial aircraft, spacecrafts as well as numerous other industrial, chemical and medical applications. In recent years, titanium also finds its way into daily fashion jewelry owing to its outstanding properties of lightweight, toughness, workability, corrosion resistance, chemical inactiveness, and biological compatibility with the human body. Our titanium magnetic bracelets not only take full advantage of all the above attributes, but are equipped with an added attribute - magnetic magic, by implanting a magnet in every link of the titanium bracelets, making them not only a fashion jewelry item but also a most convenient health improvement or therapeutic device. This invention has turned magnetic titanium bracelets into one of the most popular daily jewelry items of today. They also make the most caring, thoughtful, useful, meaningful and yet affordable gift items for all occasions, whether they be birthday, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Valentine's Day, Christmas, New Year's Day, family parties, community parties, corporate parties or just a special sweetener for that special someone.
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