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  • There is so many emails and customer feedbacks during conversations. but we regret that we really could not post all those emails. we just pick up some. As we understand, it is nothing even show all of feedbacks. IT IS NOT A SHOW. THE THING IS WE ARE KEEP DOING THE BEST!

  • Moise, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
    I thanks because the service you have done to me! Every time i write to you you allways write back and this is good sense of service! Im sorry because of the isssues we had with this order and i thank you hel this way solve as better. Thanks sincerelly

    Thank you for the quick response.
    Don't worry about the invoice. I won't be able to go to the warehouse until Friday and I needed to balance my bank account. It is better to alert me before shipment so I can make a bank transfer to the credit card. That way I don't get any fee. Your price is fair. I am not trying to get a better price. I just wanted to inform you about the competition. I buy from you because your skates are very good quality every time. Your skates are good material and always have eyeletts, which prevent damage to the eyerow. I will continue to buy from you because you make really good skates. If you ever need help to design a new style, please let me know. There is a skate branded S***** that is the best seller, but the quality is very bad. I stopped buying this skate because of quality, even though it is the best seller. Quality and service is all I have to separate me from the competiton. I know we will continue to grow our business. Thank you for the good skates.

  • NC,USA
    -- Hello Richard, Just want to let you know that i shipped this unit back today, so you should receive it shortly. Again, let me thank you for your prompt and wonderful customer service. I hope we can do business again in the future. All the best, Nina

  • Torquay,Devon, TQ2 5SX
    --Dear Richard Big Thank you your service is excelent and I am more than delighted to have such good buisiness relationship with you. Many thanks once again. Best Regards Phil Philip Croft

  • Morten, Denmark
    --I'm from Denmark. I have to return some of your LED dog tags which doesn't work. Is it okay?
    -- Dear customer, since you reported the damage of the product 4 months after you received, regularly, we can not replace or credit your account because it’s far beyond the period of product warrantee. But, by asking our manager, we will refund the returning items to your account, and only this time. Please let us know your paypal account or other account we could remit money to. currently, we credit your account already, and you could fint out in your account which is $91.25
    -- Dear customer, your refund is finished! please check out, thanks
    -- Thank you so much. In the future, I will check all items as soon as I receive them. But thanks once again, for delivering great customer service. I'm looking forward to doing business with you again!

  • Tonya , AK, U.S.A
    --My name is Tonya Starks-Powell and I have placed a few orders with you. I just wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with your customer service. I always receive my order in a timey matter and your staff is fantastic. They are very helpful and polite. If there is a problem with your order they contact you and rectify the situation.
    Thanks & Keep Up The Good Work
    Mrs. tonya Starks-Powell

    -- Dear sir, we are still waiting for our parcel and has past 5days and the tracking has stopped saying anything. Do you know what’s going on?
    -- Dear Gary,
    We will contact USPS to find out the problem.
    -- Dear Gary, although, this order is insured by EMS , which is only 1000$( max insured), but we will give you full refund, no matter we will lost the money or not.
    -- Please can you reorder the same again as we are desperate. Gary

    -- Dear Gary,
    We will ship out a new order to you. This new order will ship out by UPS. This used to be delivered within 2 days. Thanks
    -- Hi thanks very much for doing this even not have you taken payment yet. Gary

  • Alberto, Italy
    --In the last supply 2 LED BLUE BELLT were not working... do not see if you can make something of it... Thanks
    -- Dear Alberto, Thank you for your business with BuyBuyDirect/LinkedNew.com again. For the 2 LED BELT you mentioned, we'll replace 2 new board for you and will come with your new order. Thank you.
    -- Many many thanks. You are indeed much kind! Alberto – Italy
    -- Hello! This is the tracking of my package but it never does not turn out arrived in Italy... Please fairies to know to me where are? Thank you Alberto– Italy
    -- Dear Alberto, We are sorry to hear that the USPS haven't delivered the package to you yet. However, we just phone contact them for further informations about your package, they do not have that information for us yet, but they are tracking your package and will response within 1 to 5 days. So whenever we get the response from them, will let you know right away.
    -- Dear Alberto, Thank you for your patient. We're just informed from USPS that your package is now in process in Italy Customs. You may need to contact the Customs and let us know how we can help you. Thank you.
    --Thanks to you. You are always a lot much kind with me. Alberto – Italy

  • PATRICK, Demark
    -- I ordered 10 mm High letters and we get 13 mm... Patrick
    -- Dear Patrick, We’re very sorry for this order, Our company do apologize sincerely. Although there is many different sizes, we have no excuses for this fault. It is all our matter. Now, the most important thing is solve this problem for you business. We will be responsible for this matter, and, we are still trying to make our customer satisfied, although, this is the worst thing happened in our whole business year. Here is the solution:
    We will give you X% off this order, which is $1000 free for you. The leather strip is free for you and we will ship out the right leather strip( no cost) to you by express mail. This will take only 2-3 days only. Finally, we are waiting for your email, we are very sorry for this, and don't worry about the Christmas, our backup solution is fly to your place and deliver to you. That is not a kidding, it’s worthy everything to keep our customer satisfied. Because we were doing business too, we totally understand you. please give us the email, we will try to solve this problem as soon as possible.
    -- Dear Patrick,
    we shipped out 10mm size half order quantity, and you don't need to pay too, you should get it this week and if it is right size, we will arrange the rest strip and the letters. sorry for this matter again, and I hope it does not affect your business too much. thanks

  • Philip, UK
    Dear Amiline/Buybuydirect, --Thank you for your email. This order is fine please go ahead and ship as soon as possible (URGENT) Your speed and efficiency is a credit to yourself and the company. I look forward to a long and prosperous relationship Philip

  • B?rje, Norway
    Hi --I have not any problems. It`s only that i always like to know who i am talking with. Say that i want a person, not a pc. I am fully happy with your service, and glad to do business with you. best regards B?rje

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