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Compatible HP 18.5v 4.9a 75w 5.5mm 2.5mm Ac Power Adapte

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Input: 100-240 V ~ 2.5A 50-60 Hz
Output:18.5V 4.9A
Connecter size:5.5mm/2.5mm
Color: Black

Compatible Part No:
324815-001, 324815-002, 325112-001, F5104A, DC895B, F4813A, 324816-001, 324816-002, 324816-003

Compatible Models:
HP & Compaq
HP Pavilion xt276
HP Compaq Business Notebook nx9000, nx9005, NX9008, NX9010, NX9905
HP Compaq Business EVO n1050v

Compaq 2940A
Compaq NX900
Compaq Armada 2924 Series
Compaq Presario 1000 Series
Compaq Presario 18XL Series

Compaq Evo Series
Evo N105, Evo N115, Evo N160, Evo N180, Evo 18XL, Evo 800XL, Evo 2700, Evo 2700T, Evo N1050

Compaq Presario 700 Series
Presario 700CA, Presario 700LA, Presario 701CL, Presario 701LA, Presario 701Z, Presario 702NA
Presario 702US, Presario 705CA, Presario 710, Presario 710CA, Presario 710US, Presario 715CA
Presario 715US, Presario 716EA, Presario 717RSH, Presario 720, Presario 720AP, Presario 720AU
Presario 720CA, Presario 720JP, Presario 720LA, Presario 720TC, Presario 720US, Presario 721EA
Presario 722EA, Presario 722US, Presario 723EA, Presario 724EA, Presario 725AP, Presario 725AU
Presario 725CA, Presario 725EA, Presario 725LA, Presario 726EA, Presario 730AP, Presario 730CA
Presario 730LA, Presario 730US, Presario 731US, Presario 732US, Presario 734RSH, Presario 735CA
Presario 735LA, Presario 736EA

Compaq Presario 800Series
Presario 800, Presario 800XL

Compaq Presario 1100 Series
Presario 1110, Presario 1115, Presario 1120

Compaq Presario 1200 Series
Presario 1200AN, Presario 1200AP, Presario 1200CA, Presario 1200CL, Presario 1200EA, Presario 1200LA,
Presario 1200SC, Presario 1200SRP, Presario 1200T-12XL, Presario 1200T-12XL2, Presario 1200T-12XL3,
Presario 1200TC, Presario 1200TH, Presario 1200XL107, Presario 1200XL108, Presario 1200XL115,
Presario 1200XL450, Presario 1200Z, Presario 1200ZA, Presario 1201EA, Presario 1201EA, Presario 1201S,
Presario 1202EA, Presario 1203CL, Presario 1205EA, Presario 1206R, Presario 1210CA, Presario 1210EA,
Presario 1210JP, Presario 1210LA, Presario 1210US, Presario 1211CA , Presario 1211EA, Presario 1211LA,
Presario 1212CL, Presario 1212EA, Presario 1213CL, Presario 1213EA, Presario 1214EA, Presario 1214FR,
Presario 1215US, Presario 1216JP, Presario 1216US, Presario 1217JP, Presario 1219JP, Presario 1220es,

Presario 1232es
Compaq Presario 12XL Series
Presario 12XL126, Presario 12XL127, Presario 12XL128, Presario 12XL201, Presario 12XL202, Presario 12XL204, Presario 12XL220, Presario 12XL223, Presario
12XL3, Presario 12XL300B, Presario 12XL302, Presario 12XL304, Presario 12XL320, Presario 12XL323, Presario 12XL330, Presario 12XL404, Presario 12XL423,
Presario 12XL501, Presario 12XL502, Presario 12XL504, Presario 12XL510A, Presario 12XL526, Presario 12XL527, Presario 12XL530
Compaq Presario 1400 Series
Presario 1400EB

Compaq Presario 14XL Series
Presario 14XL244, Presario 14XL250, Presario 14XL355, Presario 14XL455

Compaq Presario 1600 Series
Presario 1600-XL1, Presario 1600-XL140, Presario 1600-XL141, Presario 1600-XL142, Presario 1600-XL143,
Presario 1600-XL144, Presario 1600-XL145, Presario 1600-XL146, Presario 1600-XL147, Presario 1600-XL150, Presario 1600-XL151, Presario 1600-XL152, Presario
1600-XL153, Presario 1600-XL154, Presario 1600-XL155, Presario 1660

Compaq Presario 16XL Series
Presario 16XL255, Presario 16XL256, Presario 16XL257, Presario 16XL258

Compaq Presario 1700 Series
Presario 1700AI, Presario 1700AP, Presario 1700AU, Presario 1700EA, Presario 1700JP, Presario 1700KR,
Presario 1700LA, Presario 1700TC, Presario 1700US, Presario 1701AI, Presario 1701AK, Presario 1701AP,
Presario 1701CL, Presario 1701EA, Presario 1701LB, Presario 1701S, Presario 1701TC, Presario 1702AP,
Presario 1702KR, Presario 1702LB, Presario 1702TC, Presario 1710T, Presario 1711CL, Presario 1712US,
Presario 1717RSH, Presario 1722CA, Presario 1722US

Compaq Presario 17XL Series
Presario 17XL260, Presario 17XL261, Presario 17XL262, Presario 17XL264, Presario 17XL266, Presario 17XL274, Presario 17XL361, Presario 17XL363, Presario
17XL364, Presario 17XL366, Presario 17XL367, Presario 17XL368, Presario 17XL369, Presario 17XL370, Presario 17XL371, Presario 17XL372, Presario 17XL374,
Presario 17XL376, Presario 17XL377, Presario 17XL378, Presario 17XL380, Presario 17XL461, Presario 17XL462, Presario 17XL463,Presario 17XL468, Presario
17XL469, Presario 17XL470, Presario 17XL471, Presario 17XL474, Presario 17XL480, Presario 17XL485, Presario 17XL492, Presario 17XL561, Presario 17XL563,
Presario 17XL569, Presario 17XL571, Presario 17XL572, Presario 17XL573, Presario 17XL574, Presario 17XL575, Presario 17XL578

Compaq Presario 1800 Series
Presario 1800EA, Presario 1800FR, Presario 1800LA, Presario 1800US, Presario 1800-XL1,
Presario 1800-XL180, Presario 1800-XL181, Presario 1800-XL186, Presario 1800-XL186,
Presario 1800-XL190, Presario 1801S, Presario 1802FR

Compaq Presario 2100 Series
Presario 2101, Presario 2103, Presario 2104, Presario 2105, Presario 2106, Presario 2107,
Presario 2108, Presario 2109, Presario 2110, Presario 2110CA, Presario 2110LA, Presario 2111,
Presario 2112, Presario 2113, Presario 2115, Presario 2119, Presario 2120, Presario 2121,
Presario 2122, Presario 2124, Presario 2125, Presario 2126, Presario 2127, Presario 2130,
Presario 2131, Presario 2132, Presario 2135, Presario 2139, Presario 2140, Presario 2142,
Presario 2145, Presario 2150, Presario 2160, Presario 2164, Presario 2165, Presario 2171,
Presario 2172, Presario 2175, Presario 2178, Presario 2179, Presario 2180, Presario 2186,
Presario 2197, Presario 2198, Presario 2199

Compaq Presario 2500 Series
Presario 2504, Presario 2505, Presario 2506, Presario 2507, Presario 2508, Presario 2509,
Presario 2510, Presario 2511, Presario 2512, Presario 2513, Presario 2514, Presario 2515,
Presario 2516, Presario 2517, Presario 2518, Presario 2519, Presario 2520, Presario 2521,
Presario 2523, Presario 2524, Presario 2525, Presario 2528, Presario 2529, Presario 2530,
Presario 2531, Presario 2532, Presario 2533, Presario 2535, Presario 2536, Presario 2537,
Presario 2538, Presario 2539, Presario 2540, Presario 2541, Presario 2542, Presario 2543,
Presario 2544, Presario 2545, Presario 2546, Presario 2547, Presario 2548, Presario 2549,
Presario 2550, Presario 2551, Presario 2552, Presario 2553, Presario 2554, Presario 2555,
Presario 2556, Presario 2557, Presario 2558, Presario 2559, Presario 2560, Presario 2562,
Presario 2563, Presario 2564, Presario 2565, Presario 2566, Presario 2567, Presario 2568,
Presario 2569, Presario 2570, Presario 2571, Presario 2572, Presario 2573, Presario 2574,
Presario 2575, Presario 2576, Presario 2577, Presario 2578, Presario 2579, Presario 2581,
Presario 2582, Presario 2582, Presario 2583, Presario 2584, Presario 2585, Presario 2586,
Presario 2587, Presario 2588, Presario 2589, Presario 2590, Presario 2591, Presario 2592,
Presario 2593, Presario 2594, Presario 2595, Presario 2596, Presario 2597, Presario 2598,
Presario 2599

Compaq Presario 2700 Series
Presario 2700T, Presario 2700TC, Presario 2700US, Presario 2701TW, Presario 2701US, Presario 2710CA,
Presario 2710EA, Presario 2710SC, Presario 2710TC, Presario 2710US, Presario 2711AP, Presario 2711EA,
Presario 2711TC, Presario 2712EA, Presario 2715EA, Presario 2715US, Presario 2716EA, Presario 2720US

Compaq Presario 3000 Series
Presario 3005US, Presario 3008CL, Presario 3015CA, Presario 3015US, Presario 3017CL, Presario 3019CL,
Presario 3020US, Presario 3045US, Presario 3070US, Presario 3077WM, Presario 3080US

Compaq Presario 80XL Series
Presario 80XL4, Presario 80XL200, Presario 80XL201

HP OmniBook VT Series

HP Pavilion D Series
DA720AV, DA723AV, DA726AV, DA731AV, DA732AV, DB385A, DB386A, DB395A, DB396A, DB397A, DB399A, DB953A, DB385AR, DB386AR, DB953AR, DC590A, DC591A, DC592A,
DC594A, DC597A, DC600A, DC601A, DC602A, DC603A, DC604A, C671A, DC672A, DC673A, DC709A, DC714A, DC752A, DC753A, DC762A, DC763A, DC820A, DC950A, DC958A, DC964A,
DC965A, DC966A, DC968A, DC975A, DC976A, DC978A, DC590AR, DC591AR, DC592AR, DC602AR, DC671AR, DC672AR, DC673AR, DC753AR, DC762AR, DC958AR, DC978AR,
DC603AR, DC950AR, DC964AR, DC965AR, DC966AR, DC967AR, C968AR, DC975AR, DC976AR, DC945AV, DD507A, DE234A, DE861A, DE862A, DE863A, DE864A, DE861AR, DE862AR,
DE863AR, DE874A, DF567A, DF569A, DF762A, DF809A, DF834A, DF835A, DF836A, DF861A, DF862A, DF964A, DF762AR, DF835AR, DF836AR, DF861AR, DG018A, DG020A,
DG023A,DG024A, DG070A, DK564A, DK565A, DK566A, DK567A, DK569A, DK570A, DK581A, DK582A, DK583A, DK593A, DK595A, DK941A, DK564AR, DK565AR, DK566AR, DK567AR,
DK569AR, DK570AR, DK581AR, DK582AR, DK583AR, DK941AR, DL223A, DL389A, DL390A, DL404A, DL821A, DL389AR, DL390AR, DL821AR, DL682AV, DL683AV, DM429A, DM430A,
DM431A, DM432A, DM654A, DM655A, DM656A, DM657A, DM957A, DM958A, DM959A, DM960A, DM997A, DM998A, DN837A

HP OmniBook XE4000 Series
xe4100, xe4400, xe4500

HP OmniBook XT1000 Series
XT1000, XT1500

HP OmniBook XT6000 Series
xt6000, xt6050, xt6200

HP Pavilion XT series
xt115, xt118, xt125, xt128, xt155, xt178, xt183, xt188, xt200, xt236, xt276, xt345, xt375, xt395, xt412, xt4316WM, xt4345QV, xt512, xt5335QV, xt5366WM,
xt5377QV, xt545, xt555, xt565, xt575, xt585, xt595

HP Pavilion ZE1000 - ZE1100 Series, Covers HP Pavilion Models ZE1000, ZE1100, ZE1110, ZE1115, ZE1145

HP Pavilion ZE1200 Series, Covers HP Pavilion Models ZE1200, ZE1201, ZE1202, ZE1210, ZE1230, ZE1250, ZE1260

HP Pavilion ZE4000 Series

HP Pavilion ZE4100 series
ze4100, ze4101, ze4102, ze4103s, ze4105s, ze4111s, ze4113s, ze4115, ze4120s, ze4123, ze4125, ze4130, ze4133, ze4140, ze4145

HP Pavilion ZE4200 series
ze4200, ze4201, ze4202ZE, ze4204s, ze4206s, ze4207, ze4208s, ze4209, ze4210, ze4211, ze4212s, ze4214s, ze4218, ze4219, ze4220, ze4221, ze4222, ze4222AP,
ze4224, ze4228, ze4229, ze4230, ze4231, ze4232s, ze4234s, ze4236, ze4239, ze4240, ze4241, ze4251, ze4257EA, ze4258, ze4261, ze4262, ze4268, ze4271, ze4274s,
ze4278, ze4281, ze4282, ze4284, ze4288, ze4292, ze4294, ze4298

HP Pavilion ZE4300 series
ze4300, ze4301, ze4302, ze4305EA, ze4306WM, ze4307LA, ze4308EA, ze4310AP, ze4310EA, ze4311AP, ze4312AP, ze4313, ze4314AP, ze4315AP, ze4315CA, ze4315US,
ze4316AP, ze4317 N, ze4317EA, ze4318AP, ze4318EA, ze4318US, ze4319 N, ze4320EA, ze4321 N, ze4321EA, ze4322EA, ze4323EA, ze4325CA, ze4325EA, ze4325US, ze4326
N, ze4328US, ze4332EA, ze4333EA, ze4334EA, ze4335EA, ze4335US, ze4336EA, ze4345EA, ze4345US, ze4347EA, ze4348EA, ze4349EA, ze4351EA, ze4352EA, ze4353EA,
ze4354EA, ze4355EA, ze4355US, ze4356EA, ze4357EA, ze4358US, ze4360EA, ze4365US, ze4367EA, ze4375EA, ze4384EA, ze4385EA, ze4386EA

HP Pavilion ZE4400 series
ze4400, ze4401US, ze4402US, ze4403EA, ze4404EA, ze4405EA, ze4406EA, ze4407EA, ze4408EA, ze4409EA, ze4410AK, ze4410AP, ze4410CA, ze4410EA, ze4411AP, ze4412AP,
ze4413AP, ze4414AP, ze4414EA, ze4415AP, ze4415EA, ze4416AP, ze4416EA, ze4417EA, ze4420CA, ze4420US, ze4422EA, ze4423EA, ze4424EA, ze4424US, ze4425EA,
ze4427WM, ze4428EA, ze4430US, ze4453EA, ze4454EA, ze4455EA

HP Pavilion ZE4500 series
ze4500, ze4501US, ze4502US, ze4504EA, ze4505EA, ze4507EA, ze4508EA, ze4509EA, ze4510AP, ze4510EA, ze4510OM, ze4511EA, ze4512EA, ze4513EA, ze4514EA, ze4516EA,
ze4518EA, ze4519EA, ze4520AP, ze4520EA, ze4521AP, ze4521EA, ze4522AP, ze4522EA, ze4523AP, ze4523EA, ze4524EA, ze4525EA, ze4525US, ze4526EA, ze4530US,
ze4540CA, ze4540US, ze4545SR, ze4545US, ze4546SR, ze4547WM, ze4550ST, ze4560US, ze4565QV

HP Pavilion ZE4600 series
ze4600, ze4601US, ze4603EA, ze4604EA, ze4605EA, ze4610EA, ze4610US, ze4612EA, ze4614EA, ze4615EA, ze4630US, ze4631EA

HP Pavilion ZE4700 series
ze4700, ze4710EA, ze4715EA, ze4717EA, ze4718EA, ze4719EA, ze4725EA, ze4728EA

HP Pavilion ZE4800 series
ze4800, ze4801EA, ze4803US, ze4805us, ze4805wm, ze4810US, ze4815EA, ze4819EA, ze4820EA, ze4821EA, ze4828EA

HP Pavilion ZE5000 Series

HP Pavilion ZE5100 Series
ze5100, ze5155, ze5160us, ze5165, ze5170, ze5185, ze5190

HP Pavilion ZE5200 Series
ze5200, ze5207, ze5217, ze5228, ze5232, ze5236, ze5238, ze5240, ze5242, ze5244, ze5250, ze5252, ze5258, ze5262, ze5270, ze5279

HP Pavilion ZE5300 Series
ze5300, ze5307LA, ze5315EA, ze5320AP, ze5320EA, ze5325EA, ze5332US, ze5339EA, ze5343EA, ze5344EA, ze5345EA, ze5345US, ze5354EA, ze5357LA, ze5360EA, ze5362EA,
ze5365US, ze5375US, ze5385CA, ze5385US, ze5395US

HP Pavilion ZE5400 Series
ze5400, ze5407LA, ze5410AP, ze5413EA, ze5414EA, ze5415AP, ze5415EA, ze5416EA, ze5417LA, ze5418EA, ze5420EA, ze5425EA, ze5426EA, ze5427LA, ze5430EA, ze5440EA,
ze5443EA, ze5445EA, ze5446EA, ze5447LA, ze5451US, ze5457LA, ze5460EA, ze5460US, ze5462EA, ze5467LA, ze5468CL, ze5470US, ze5475CA, ze5477LA, ze5477WM,
ze5478CL, ze5490US, ze5497LA

HP Pavilion ZE5500 Series
ze5500, ze5501US, ze5504EA, ze5505EA, ze5506EA, ze5507EA, ze5510AP, ze5510EA, ze5511AP, ze5511EA, ze5512AP, ze5512EA, ze5513AP, ze5514AP, ze5515AP, ze5515EA,
ze5516AP, ze5516EA, ze5517AP, ze5517EA, ze5518AP, ze5519AP, ze5519EA, ze5520AP, ze5520EA, ze5521AP, ze5521EA, ze5522AP, ze5523AP, ze5523EA, ze5524AP,
ze5524EA, ze5525AP, ze5525EA, ze5526AP, ze5526EA, ze5527EA, ze5528EA, ze5529EA, ze5530EA, ze5531EA, ze5532EA, ze5533EA, ze5534EA, ze5535EA, ze5537LA,
ze5547WM, ze5560US, ze5565QV, ze5568CL, ze5570US, ze5575SR, ze5580US, ze5587LA, ze5590US

HP Pavilion ZE5600 Series
ze5600, ze5601AP, ze5601EA, ze5602AP, ze5602EA, ze5602us, ze5603AP, ze5603EA, ze5603US, ze5604AP, ze5604EA, ze5604RS, ze5605AP, ze5605EA, ze5605SR, ze5606AP,
ze5607AP, ze5607EA, ze5607WM, ze5608AP, ze5609AP, ze5609EA, ze5610AP, ze5610CA, ze5610EA, ze5611AP, ze5611EA, ze5612AP, ze5612EA, ze5613AP, ze5613EA,
ze5614AP, ze5614EA, ze5615AP, ze5615CA, ze5615EA, ze5615SR, ze5616AP, ze5616EA, ze5617AP, ze5617EA, ze5617WM, ze5618AP, ze5618EA, ze5619AP, ze5619EA,
ze5620AP, ze5620EA, ze5620US, ze5621AP, ze5622EA, ze5623EA, ze5624EA, ze5626EA, ze5630US, ze5631EA, ze5634US, ze5635EA, ze5636EA, ze5637LA, ze5638EA,
ze5639EA, ze5640EA, ze5644EA, ze5645EA, ze5647LA, ze5650EA, ze5657LA

HP Pavilion ZE5700 Series
ze5700, ze5700EA, ze5701us, ze5702EA, ze5705EA, ze5706EA, ze5715ca, ze5715EA, ze5730EA, ze5730us, ze5731us, ze5732qv, ze5738rs, ze5739cl, ze5740EA, ze5749cl
HP Pavilion ZE5800 series

HP Pavilion zu1000, Pavilion zu1750

HP Pavilion ZT1000, Pavilion ZT1100, Pavilion ZT1200
ZT1290, ZT1260, ZT1250, ZT1201, ZT1195, ZT1190, ZT1185, ZT1180, ZT1175, ZT1171, ZT1170, ZT1162, ZT1161, ZT1155, ZT1152, ZT1151, ZT1150, ZT1145, ZT1141,
ZT1135, ZT1131s, ZT1130, ZT1125, ZT1121s, ZT1114, ZT1120, ZT1121s, ZT1122s, ZT1125, ZT1130, ZT1131s, ZT1132s, ZT1135, ZT1141, ZT1142, ZT1145, ZT1150, ZT1151,
ZT1152, ZT1155, ZT1161, ZT1162, ZT1170, ZT1171, ZT1172, ZT1175, ZT1180, ZT1182, ZT1185, ZT1190, ZT1192, ZT1195, ZT1200, ZT1201s, ZT1210, ZT1213, ZT1230,
ZT1231s, ZT1233, ZT1235, ZT1243, ZT1250, ZT1260, ZT1261, ZT1270, ZT1271, ZT1290

HP Pavilion XZ XH XT XF Series
XZ355, XZ295, XZ275, XZ185, XT595, XT236, XT155, XT118, XH675, XH555, XT5477WM, XT537QV, XT4345QV, XH485, XH455, XH395, XH365, XH350, XH260, XH226, XH176,
XH156, XF145
HP Pavilion N Series
N5584, N6490, N6195, N5511L, N5491, N5475, N5474, N5470, N5455, N5451, N5450, N5441, N5440, N5430, N5425, N5421L, N5415, N5401, N5295, N5195, N5000, N6195,
N6100, N6000, N5584, N5511L, N5500, N5495, N5491, N5490, N5475, N5474, N5470, N5455, N5451, N5450, N5445, N5441, N5440, N5435, N5430, N5425, N5421L,
N5420L, N5415, N5400, N5390, N5350, N5340, N5310, N5300, N5295, N5290, N5270, N5250, N5240, N5210M, N5210, N5200, N5195, N5190, N5170, N5150, N5130, N5125,
N5100, N5000, N3490, N3478, N3438, N3410, N3402, N3400, N3390, N3370, N3350, N3330, N3310, N3295, N3290, N3270, N3250, N3215, N3210, N3190, N3490, N3150,
N3110, N3100, N3000

HP OmniBook XE3C Series
OmniBook XE3-GF, OmniBook XE3-GE, OmniBook XE3-GD, OmniBook XE3L, OmniBook XE3 Series, OmniBook XE2-DI, OmniBook XE2-DE, OmniBook XE2-DD, OmniBook XE2-DC,
OmniBook XE2-DB, OmniBook XE2-DA, OmniBook XE2 Series, OmniBook XE-DA, OmniBook XE Series
HP OmniBook XE4500, OmniBook XE4100, OmniBook XE Series
HP OmniBook 900B, OmniBook 900 Series, OmniBook 7150 Series, OmniBook 7103T, OmniBook 7100 Series, OmniBook 7000 Series, OmniBook 6100 Series, OmniBook 6000C,
OmniBook 6000B, OmniBook 6000 series, OmniBook 510 Series, OmniBook 500B, OmniBook 500 Series, OmniBook 4150B, OmniBook 4150 Series, OmniBook 4111,
OmniBook 4110 Series, OmniBook 4108, OmniBook 4107, OmniBook 4106, OmniBook 4105, OmniBook 4104, OmniBook 4103, OmniBook 4102, OmniBook 4101, OmniBook 4100
Series, OmniBook 3250, OmniBook 3102, OmniBook 3101, OmniBook 3100 Series, OmniBook 3000CTX, OmniBook 3000 Series, OmniBook 2127, OmniBook 2126, OmniBook
2125, OmniBook 2124, OmniBook 2123, OmniBook 2122, OmniBook 2121, OmniBook 2120, OmniBook 2106, OmniBook 2105, OmniBook 2104, OmniBook 2103, OmniBook
2100 Series, DeskJet 450ci MobilePrinter, Deskjet 450

Package Included:
1 x Compatible HP 18.5v 4.9a 90w 5.5mm 2.5mm Ac Power Adapte
1 x FREE Power Cord


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